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   Kenneth L. Sokoloff    


           Ken has been away from us for more than half a year. However, I feel that he is always with us. Ken directed me to the world of economic history. But he influenced me not only by his splendid research accomplishments, but much more by his great personality, his wholehearted devotion to research and students, and his tenacious and optimistic attitude toward unfairness of life. He had no family. He spent all his energy on economic history, and he gave every of his students fatherly love and care. Ken left me so many wonderful memories. Ken used himself to exemplify how to be a great scholar and a great advisor. What I have learned from him is devotion, unselfishness, and love.

             Here is the official introduction of Ken.

             Ken visited Beijing only once, in summer 2005. I was lucky to be with him. That trip has become an everlasting memory.